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- OBDSTAR X300 DP/DP PLUS/X300 Pro3 new update (14/12/2018)
- How To Activation And Update Autek IKey820 key programmer
- How to make X431 HD work in the Android device without X431pad?
- How does Ktag KTM100 work with Mercedes ME9.7 ECU and Renew Cable?
- http://blog.obd2eshop.com/bmw-e46-srs-light-on-reset-using-creator-c310/

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- Launch X431
 KTag SSM Cable Pinout for PCR2.1 Read/Write Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Have anybody test SSM cable cable with the ktag clone for PCR2.1?
Yep. Work good with KTAG original and HQ clone. SSM tested more times, works perfectly. Read and write in BSL on table without unlock after read password with SSM cable.

PCR2.1 full flash VERY IMPORTANT!!!

Pinout cable SSM 144300T111 (INFINEON TRICORE ECU PCR2.1 CABLE)
ktag-pinout-cable-SSM 144300T111-1 ktag-pinout-cable-SSM 144300T111-2 ktag-pinout-cable-SSM 144300T111-3
Already DONE
ktag-pcr2.1-1 ktag-pcr2.1-2
Note that you need ktag HQ clone or original, open ecu and prepare Eeprom for cloning ECU.

If you fail, have a try with Fgtech 4 (clone should be okay)
Date Software revisions....01/18 OBD driver CAN for Siemens Simos PCR2.1 VAG Virtual Read/Write, Recovery, Checksum, Unlock by OBD

On a side note, ksuite tools (kess or ktag) seem to
be more stable than fgtech on pcr but work too

On ksuite tools , you cant read or write with ktag , only unlock . (alientech need to work on it)
with kess its ok , BUT , you cant use the tricore module !
The trick to get communication error free on both fgtech and kess cable is to use a strong external psu .
good psu and obd home made bench cable , remove tricore module on kess v2 = 100% tested bench flashing solution for pcr2.1 .

Good luck!


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 How to check BMW ICOM firmware need update + how update it? Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

BMW ICOM A2 diagnostic interface failed to be connected, because the firmware is too old and need to upgrade it.

Firstly, you need to learn how to check BMW ICOM firmware need update.
update the firmware of BMW ICOM Interface. You have no need to update it if it says FREE.
Please read the above photo. It shows FIRMWARE in red frame, that mean you need to
Secondly, update the firmware of BMW ICOM Diagnostic tool step by step.
1.Power on your icom interface by OBD cable, and connect it to computer by LAN cable. PLEASE make sure they are connected well because your interface might be damaged if disconnection during updating.
2.After connected, open the file ENGINEER TOOL on the desktop and you will see a file named ICOM FIRMWARE UPDATE. They are 2 BINs inside of it, ICOM-APPLICATIONIMAGE-XXX and ICOM-BOOTIMAGE-XXX. They are the files
3.Open your IE and input the IP address of your icom. If you do not know what is the IP of your icom, you can use ISTA-D to find it. As below, the IP in green frame is the IP of your ICOM. It needs ID and password to enter in, the ID is root,pw is NZY11502.
  1. After entering into ICOM by IE.Click UPDATE FIRMWARE and choose ICOM-BootImage-XXX.bin,choose Image type as SYSTEM and click SEND THE FILE. Click YES when he say Write the image file to the flash? You will see the red right blinks after that.
5.Now we click UPDATE FIRMWARE and choose ICOM-ApplicationImage-xxx.bin and then choose the Image type as APPLICATION and then click SEND THE FILE. Click YES when he says Write the image file to the flash?
6.Reboot your ICOM interface after you update those APPLICATIONIMAGE and Bootimage. And you need to wait for few minutes. Go to ISTA-D again, you will see the FRIMWARE turn to FREE. That means your interface is matched to latest BMW ICOM ISTA software.
Hope it helps!
Any question, please feel free to contact www.obd2eshop.com, email at: Sales@OBD2eShop.com

Thanks for reading!

2018.3 BMW ICOM Software HDD ISTA-D 4.09.13 ISTA-P Engineering Mode support Windows 7 $99


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