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- OBDSTAR X300 DP/DP PLUS/X300 Pro3 new update (14/12/2018)
- How To Activation And Update Autek IKey820 key programmer
- How to make X431 HD work in the Android device without X431pad?
- How does Ktag KTM100 work with Mercedes ME9.7 ECU and Renew Cable?
- http://blog.obd2eshop.com/bmw-e46-srs-light-on-reset-using-creator-c310/

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- Launch X431
 Information of 5054A for VW Audi Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

The Bluetooth USB version VAS 5054A is really a universal car diagnostic tool for your cars on the Volkswagen Group and all OBD motor vehicle methods from other producers. The motor vehicle protocols are dealt with specifically from the VAS 5054A. The diagnostic base program can entry the VAS 5054A via Bluetooth or USB.

Q1: What is the model of it?

A: VAS 5054A is Bluetooth USB version, you can access for the VAS 5054A via Bluetooth or USB.

Q2: VAS 5054A supports which Vehicle Bus Solutions?

A: VAS 5054A supports K line (ISO9141-2), High-speed CAN (ISO 11898-2), Low-speed CAN (ISO 11898-3) and J1850 (SAE J1850).

Q3: VAS 5054A is simply appropriate with English?

A: No, Now the VAS 5054A in obd2eshop.com are multi-language, English, Germany, Russia, Spanish, Czech, French, Dutch, Portuguese. And distinct language have different version of program:

1) English V19: Simple Compact disk,VW Compact disc, AUDI Compact disc, Seat Compact disk, Skoda Compact disc

2) English V18: Fundamental Disc,VW Cd, AUDI Disc, Skoda Cd, Seat Cd

3) Germany V19: Fundamental Compact disk, VW Compact disc, AUDI Compact disk

4) Germany V18: Standard Cd, VW Compact disc, AUDI Compact disk

5) Russia V19: Fundamental Compact disc, VW Disc, AUDI Compact disk, Skoda Compact disc

6) Spanish V19: Standard Compact disc, VW Disc, AUDI Cd

7) Spanish V18: Primary Compact disc, VW Compact disc, AUDI Compact disk, Skoda Compact disk, Seat Cd

8) Czech V17: Simple Cd, VW Disc, AUDI Cd

9) France V19: Fundamental Compact disk, VW Cd, AUDI Cd

10)Dutch V17: Simple Compact disk, VW Compact disk, AUDI Cd

11)Portuguese V18: Basic Cd, VW Compact disk, AUDI Compact disc

12)English V17: Bentley

English V17: Lamborghini

Observe: Please explain to the customer which language and model you require, or they might mail out newest English variation Disc.

Q4: Does there any call for with all the laptop?

A: Sure, there are a few need in the pc,

1. Home windows Technique Language: American English

2. Windows XP(xp2/xp3)

3. Technique C:// should be NTFS style

4. C:// ought to have a minimum of 10GB area for installing VAS5054A

Q5: What else have to pay out consideration when utilizing 5054A ?

A: Make sure you disable/uninstall anti-virus software, or it may demolish or eliminate the software program information.

Now the VAS 5054A is simpler plus much more handy to work with. No cables are essential for auto identify, the built-in Bluetooth interface connects the auto to some notebook, desktop Personal computer or exam program.


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 Special offers obd2 products in obd2eshop Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Xmas is coming, now it can be good time for browsing. Do you need to purchase OBD2 car diagnostic tools on your cars or your garage? I understand a good place to buy all types of OBD2 goods, obd2eshop.

obd2eshop is usually a OBD2 seller for countless years, all goods are good quality, with endless specialised services and just one yr cost-free warranty. They provide a lot of varieties of OBD2 products, such as Truck and Car Diagnostic Tool, Auto Critical Programmer, Mileage Correction Tool, ECU Chip Tunning Software, Airbag Reset Tool, Code Scanner and all kinds of Vehicle Accessories, Keys, Gentle, Emblem and so on. I think when you flip to your website, you are positive to uncover everything you require.

Now as Holiday is coming, They came out quite a bit of Seasonal promotions.

1) From 1st to 30st, all December thirty day period we can easily talk about 6% price cut of all things, the coupon code is 201212, and if you don't know how to use the coupon code, you could clink the advert to know how to use the coupon code.

2) Every single month ten things in your case, amazing price right here. Only one month restricted. You can drop by obd2eshop, and clink the catalog Seasonal Unique, to find out the 10 unique provides for this week.

3) You could also purchase the mix-group, Acquire 2 things alongside one another can help you save more money. By way of example: if you want to buy New GM Tech2 and 32MB Card for GM TECH2, should you obtain them collectively, it is possible to only shell out 10usd for the32MB Card r( the original is 39.usd for 1pc),you are able to help you save 20usd. Aside from, you are able to also share 6% low cost from the two things. The revolutionary GM Tech2 and 32MB Card for GM TECH2 price tag is 419usd on obd2eshop, now you can only fork out 394usd to receive them household.

4) In addition they use a catalog of Free delivery, all goods within the catalog are free shipping to all over the world.

Past but not the least, we provide rapidly transport of all goods, We could ship in your case by DHL, YANWEN, Singpost Airmail?- all transport techniques are quick and safe.

If you'd like to know more facts of your advertising in obd2eshop, if you'd like to purchase the OBD2 solutions, you may switch to http://www.obd2eshop.com/.

Authentic short article at http://blog.obd2eshop.com

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 Nissan consult 3 plus Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

As we known, the keyless fobs allow entry, starting, locking and unlocking of our auto with no a crucial. But does one know? When you've got missing your keyless entry remote or perhaps desire to add keyless entry towards your Nissan, you can do it yourself. Having said that, it ought to transform to the Nissan consult 3.


The product might be a car key programmer, in case you have one Nissan consult 3 plus, then just get a person extra Nissan consult 3 plus security card. The card can be used for making important for Nissan cars, covers pretty much all Nissan car's immobilizer from 1996-2011. Nissan Consult 3 Plus safety card needs to operates with Nissan Consult 3 Plus. After insert the security card, Nissan NATS Safety program is going to be triggered.

The machine can be a airbag reset tool, it might allow you to diagnose why the SRS gentle activate. So you're able to reset the airbag light your self making use of the Nissan consult 3 plus.

As the Xmas is coming, Acquire them in concert to save much more funds: Love 6% price cut

1) Nissan Consult-3 in addition and Nissan SuperCode Software

2) Nissan Seek the advice of 4 As well as Nissan SuperCode Software program

3)Nissan consult 3 As well as Nissan SuperCode Software program

4)DS708 Programmer Additionally Chrysler Adapter

5)Buy Lexia-3 PP2000 Peugeot/Citroen Diagnostic Software which has a Diagbox V6.01 Program totally free

6)New GM Tech2 32MB Card for GM TECH2

7) BMW AK90 crucial programmer K-LINE 0D46J EWS adapter

8) PP037 PP030 PP004 PP015 PP006.

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 Automotive air conditioning fault trend Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Automotive air conditioning fault trend has the subsequent forms:

1. Hand really feel air conditioning high and small stress pipe temperature just conform to the ordinary circumstance, even so the motor vehicle just did not truly feel neat. MaxiDas DS708 Ensure air con refrigeration not issues. Challenge might lie in: air conditioning temperature manage procedure. Examine no matter whether the heating swap management pull off, check out the heating h2o valve is inside the shut situation. If can contact the drinking water valve ahead of and following the normal circumstance should be close to the engine facet towards the superior temperature, small temperature nearby the physique aspect. Otherwise precise, then modify heating switch to off state, these as can't properly by cooling drinking water to the need to substitute the heating change.


2. Contact air conditioning pipe, substantial pressure pipe is very scorching even incredibly hot, needless to say, low stress pipe will likely not amazing. MB Carsoft 7.4 This sort of circumstance, might appear compressor repeated on-off trend. Particularly in the engine high speed beneath the ailment on the compressor never suck jointly. Never very long time of significant velocity working engine, otherwise will probably be very threatening. Check condenser and tank and whether it is in between contamination jams. If yes, can eliminate dust. If truly no contamination jams, then look at refrigerant observation window, see whether refrigerant. Phenomenon is just too much to view liquid move, but can't see any bubble, the proof from the refrigerant charging quantity a lot of, have to make a common time charging.

Be aware: for higher strain tube overheating sensation, but additionally see the bottom with the air conditioner compressor have oily be dirty, if have, that the compressor pressure restricting valve continues to be significant destruction, should switch compressor, ECU Chip Tuning Tool.

3. Contact air con pipe, higher stress pipe reduced temperature, and minimal pressure pipe high temperature. This sort of condition, is compressor can not efficiently make refrigerant in movement, may need to replace compressor.

4. Should the startup air-con refrigeration system, two digital admirer managing while doing so. bmw scanner 2.0 Yet it's air conditioning pump never suck it can be very likely for being car or truck computer burn off by way of, can fix.

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 The maintenance of ABS system Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

The automobile company will often be determined by all sorts of the effectiveness of the auto overall performance, price tag and so forth., because of into the diverse styles of ABS system Airbag Reset Tool.


1, the features on the ABS method

With the perspective of day-to-day maintenance, ABS unit has the next four traits:

(1) for ABS device that travels at 7 to 8 occasions of high-speed get the job done (decompression, voltage regulator, improve the recurring changes), in order that the movement of the brake fluid viscosity and moisture absorption level than put in ABS machine alone is significant.

(2) ABS gadget would not get the job done (no damage) bmw key programmer for your frequent brake, this kind of scenario, brake fluid replacement, air purging and no product ABS car is the same.

(3) the digital handle process pieces are quite several, if ought to have to go up yet again, since the analysis program fault diagnosis is a lot more effortlessly;

(4) ABS unit in velocity greater than 7-10 km/h more braking, wheel appeared much more than normal slip charge predicaments to consider influence, other situations won't function. The improve will trigger the driver's never adapt into the emotion. So from the provisions on the velocity of operation, the employment of the driver's driving capabilities make necessary payment, is equipped with ABS unit car understand risk-free transportation on the basic circumstances.

2. ABS gadget failure form

(1) the braking approach ABS gadget won't make sex, wheel lock;

(2) in ABS regulation do the job beyond the very low velocity driving MaxiDas DS708, ABS braking system perform in brake on meal about the vibration feeling;

(3) ABS alarm light of other signs.

As a maintenance plan, ought to very first dependant on ABS unit take place abnormal phenomena are criterion. Unplug regulator joint or relay, in ABS product does not operate condition, if signs or symptoms go away, it truly is ABS system provides a fault; If signs didn't transform, it may be concluded that for normal braking program has fault. For because the prognosis system using the ABS gadget, should really make extensive use of the perform for the digital handle process fault prognosis. For your products with the distinct diagnosis approach, need to consult with the automobile producer servicing manual to.

Far more Holiday Special at http://www.obd2eshop.com/

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